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My never ending dream

by Karl Wild GG23

You're my forever shining sun,
My endless flowing stream,
Reality can't be this fun,
I must be in a dream.

And in this dream I hope I stay,
To never ever awake,
But if I awake to my dismay,
I'll know my dreams weren't fake.

I'll know that you blessed them,
With your smile shining bright,
You were the rose to my stem,
And guided me through the night.

The one who never left my side,
And always held my hand,
With you my love is never denied,
Your my only life demand.

You're the reason I don't break,
My air, my heart, my soul,
The reason for every breath I take,
Your loves beyond my control.

you're my forever shining sun,
my endless flowing stream,
you're my number one,
my never ending dream.