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Fake playas and pimps Real Losers and Wimps

by Rayarra Jones

You say you're a playa
Well lets look and see
you've only been with one girl
and uh..that girl was me

You say you're a great dancer
Lets see if that's fact
I took you to my prom
wait a the jerk coming back?

You say you kiss well
But if I remember correctly
your breath tastes like bologna
and your tongue nearly choked me

You say you dress fly
others would say other wise
your shirts are two times to short
and your shorts stop mid thigh

You say your a thug
Wearing stunna shades like your cool
so why is it your in 12th grade
and a lil 7th grader beat you up @school

I need you to understand
so I guess I'll put it simply
the only time you've ever looked good
was when you were standing wit me

You tried to dismiss me
and look where you at
now your all like you miss me
and trying to get me back

Guess you must of figured out
I guess you probably heard
your nothin without me
but if your such a playa you can find another girl....right?