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Stupid bee i will always see

by kiara

Can you remember those times we had
When our love was so pure, I might add
We would walk hand in hand
Across the moon lit sand
A single kiss
And my body would be bliss
A single look
Would make me throw away my book
Because why read about love
Or dream I was a dove
When you were there beside me
But I was blind because I couldnt see
That you my love were turning into a bee
You started to sting my heart
And you became deaf to my innocent plea
Your stinger was like a dart
Thrown straight towards my eye
And as it flew in the sky
Your body slowly died
Whilst your spirit flied
Well at least the only place you died
Was the place where my soul cried
For you stung me in the eye,
And you tried to make me blind to your lie
I suppose our love was never pure after all,
If it was it wouldnt fall
Because you wouldnt have cheated on me
You can sting me in the eyes you stupid bee
But I will always be able to see