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A victim of love

by Karl Wild GG23

I was once a victim of love,
And a broken heart,
Knew that love was out to get me,
From the very start.

Love pretended to be my friend,
And always have my back,
But what I cannot comprehend,
Is why love suddenly chose to attack.

Attack my innocent heart,
When it was weak and unsuspecting,
Tore my chest apart,
When it was supposed to be protecting.

To my surprise love let me down,
When I thought I knew it well,
Left me for dead in heartbreak town,
A place much worse then hell.

I now know love's not a friend,
But the devil in disguise,
A friend I do not recommend,
But one I do despise.

I have been once a victim of love,
And pray it's never twice,
Because when push comes to shove,
With love, you pay the ultimate price.