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Angel Eyes

by Gem

From the very moment I caught a glimpse
Of your beautiful blue angel eyes
I knew then and there, that you were the one
Who would take my heart to new highs

The love you give me is pure and true
It's like finding my right way home
After years of praying to angels above
God gave me one of my own

Cos thats what you are, an angel in disguise
Who I love with all of my heart
And angels never lie, so i believe you
When you tell me we'll never part

I can't imagine my life now without you
You make each days as special as the last
Your kisses, your hugs, even holding your hand
Causes my heart to beat unnaturally fast

I never expected to find my own angel
Someone I could love for eternity
I look at you, a smile across my face
And the eyes of an angel smile back at me ©