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Tell Me

by Jenni Marie

Why do you test me this way?
Are you lying when you say we'll be okay?

Why did you deliberately make me hurt?
Are you just going to treat me like dirt?

I love you more than you'll ever know
But I can't take being hurt anymore.

You said it was a lesson you had to teach me
Why can't you just be honest with me?

Talk to me about the way you feel
Instead of playing games
I've had enough experiences to know
That playing games will only bring us pain.

I refuse to go through that again
To spend all of my days crying
I refuse to go through that again
Spending my nights feeling like I'm dying.

I wont play games with you
If you don't play games with me
I'm speaking the truth here
Boy you have to see.

Tell me why you did that to me
Tell me if you really love me
But if you're just playing
Tell me and set me free.