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Letting Go

by veronica

Forget it, I'm done
Forget it, I'm through
Forgetting him isn't easy,
But really who knew
Who knew what i felt
Who knew all the pain
From the smile he made, or
The sound of his name
Not knowing how to feel
Not knowing what to do
Give up or hold on,
Which one do i choose
Holding on to something not even in my grasp
Or giving up on it,
Letting my dreams simply collapse
Believing in something just wasting my time
Letting go of something i know should be mine
I'm tired, its finished
I can't do it no more
I don't think i can hold on
Like i have done before
Every feeling for you was honest and real
And i would never take back the way that i feel
But still holding on keeps causing me pain
Because your feelings for me just aren't the same
Maybe loving you was wrong from the start
Because i still seem to love with my broken heart
It's easier said then done,
This much i know
but think that its time i finally let you go