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A thousand words

by Karl Wild GG23

A thousand words could not describe you,
Or even begin to tell the tale,
Beauty not even a blind man could subdue,
With a million bumps of braille.

I could never tell you how I feel,
Because you take my breath away,
Like a dream it seems so surreal,
That I wake up next to you everyday.

I cherish every second together we spend,
I'll never take you for granted,
Your not only my lover, but my best friend,
You keep me stable in a world so slanted.

You're the answer when I have no clue,
My life, my heart, my dream,
I get lost in your eyes so blue,
Lost into a love so extreme.

A thousand words could not describe you,
Or our love so real,
When I say I love you it's true,
What are the one thousand words you feel?