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Heaven on earth

by Karl Wild GG23

I used to think I had to die to see heaven,
But now I realize,
That if I want to see an angel,
All I have to do is close my eyes.

Close my eyes and see you're face,
It takes my breath away,
You're my heaven on earth,
My beautiful bouquet.

The only one for me,
My angel in disguise,
I'll love my angel forever,
Even after my demise.

You're beauty is unmatched,
There's nothing as precious in the world,
Something very special,
Like a diamond or a pearl.

You're the one who gives me wings,
The one that makes me fly,
The one who understands me,
We see eye to eye.

So you're my heaven on earth,
The reason why the sky is blue,
You're everything this world's worth,
You're my California view.

You see heaven's missing an angel,
Because you're here with me,
But heaven can't have you back,
You're mine for eternity.