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A minute without you

by Karl Wild GG23

A minute without you,
Is 60 seconds to long,
Without you I feel sad and blue,
Without you I'm not strong.

I do what I can to make it by,
But the minutes seem like hours,
And it seems no matter how hard I try,
My heart, the sadness over powers.

Because I can't make it one day alone,
Without you next to me,
It's just not the same on the phone,
And I hope that you'd agree.

When we're apart I'm not the same,
Something inside of me is missing,
And I know this may sound lame,
But it all comes back when we start kissing.

I put my arms around you,
Smile and say hello,
I just don't know what I'll do,
When it's time for you to go.

I'll cherish our time together today,
Until our hours are through,
Because theres no price I wouldn't pay,
To not have to spend - A minute without you.