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In the morning I'll be alright

by Karl Wild GG23

I sit here overwhelmed with pain,
A blank expression on my face,
Now that your gone my life is plain,
And everything seems out of place.

I can no longer smile but frown,
With memories of our past,
Feels like I'm being held down,
How long will this struggle last?

I try my best to forget you,
But that just makes it worse,
What will I have to do,
To break this evil curse.

Will you ever come back to me,
And take my pain away,
It's way past a tolerable degree,
And I go through this everyday.

Regrets of things I've done,
Not to mention things I've said,
It used to be you and I as one,
But now just me instead.

So I'll get in bed tonight,
To rest my tired eyes,
In the morning I'll be alright,
But right now it's only cries.