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Only You

by Matt Dahl

Dedicated To Angela

Where do I even begin...
I don't even know where to start?
But everything I write to you
Comes straight from within my heart

I dont know how to explain it
There's not a word that can define
Just what you do to me
And how you blow my mind

Each and every morning
As soon as I awake
Your beautiful face feels my mind
And my heart begins to shake

Then through out the day
Your voice sounds through my head
And it doesn't matter where I am
I'd rather be with you instead

At night I get to call you
It's always the highlight of my day
And when our conversation ends
I wish you weren't so far away

Finally I lay down to sleep
Thinking of only you
Soon I'll be in that special place
Where all my dreams come true

And what is it that I dream of
Of course I dream of you
And when I see us together
That's what makes my dream come true!