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Blame It On Destiny

by End Of Eternity

Feeling your skin from this paper in my hand
Crimson ink reminding me of your fingertips
Every word seems like a fruit in this barren land
When i hold your falling letter tightly in my grip

Visualizing through your sad eyes
I felt every pain you went through
Reading in between all the lies
Which intentionally i gave to you

I know i have been so mean all the time
But please blame it on destiny in the end
I had a secret stopping me from a crime
And i was so pushed to fall and pretend

This disease i have is growing under my skin
Every breath hits me where it hurts the most
If i would have told you, it would have been a sin
As for my suffering, you would have paid the cost

Was so trapped in this game, life was playing with me
Running and hiding at the same time from my shadow
Never knew that before me you would set yourself free
Just couldn't let you know, how much i loved you so

I know i have been so unkind all the time
But please blame it on destiny in the end
Now that you have left everthing far behind
I wonder if that's what it takes to be my friend