Read Love Poems


by Brittany C

I loved once so long ago
and was loved back once,
but that love is no more.
I was free as the eagle,
but now I'm grounded by pain.

I was happy once so long ago,
but now you're gone,
and I don't understand why
you had to leave me.
Now all I know is sadness,
ever sense you left my life.

I loved you once,
and you loved me,
but now you're gone forever,
and I am left here,
all by my self.
In this lonely cold world,

Oh how lonely am I,
to wish that I was no more?
When you died,
so did my heart and soul.
For they were bound to you.

I miss you so,
and just can't go on.
So I will see you soon,
My one true love,
For I belong in your arms.