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Breath Of Love

by Tom Swart

Breath Of Love

There comes a gentle knocking in this night,
This night where my slumber lays restless.
I tumble and turn to stir my tears.
My eyes open and I listen to
the memories that are whispering at my door.

You have come again to haunt my dreams
And pull back the covers of my heart.
I lay here willing to think of you and
The youth you gave me so long ago.

How long the breath of love lay dormant
Resting and waiting, eager to fill me again.
It has slept with its own aloneness where
My canyons echoed the sounds of its silence.

Like a torrent of honey bees your
Love comes to me and steals my sleep.
It wakes my soul and shuffles
The moments of life that live forever.

Your embrace is welcomed like an old friend.
I gladly let it wrap its feelings around me.
The tenderness of your kiss quenches me
until the dawn comes again to hide you away.