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I Love You

by miipenguiinsocksrock

I love you more than more than words can say
I hope that you won't ever go away
I want you to stay here with me
Maybe then you will see
How much I love you
How much I care
How much I want to always be there
When you are hurt, when you are mad
Seeing you happy makes me glad
When you are sad it makes me blue
I only want the best for you
My past relationships are nothing compared to this
I can hardly wait until our next kiss
I am certain, I am sure
That my love is totally pure
You are my world , you were my life
Maybe one day I'll be your wife
I do not know if we are to be wedd
Only God knows what lies ahead
But as of right now
I give you this vow
I will love you until the end of time
My love don't cost nothing, not even a dime
I don't care what others say
It is with you I want to stay
I'll always keep part of you with me
And wherever I am There you will be
I just can't stop loving you
You are with me in all that I do
I love you more than words can say
I hope you will never ever go away