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Seasons of Love

by debbylyn

A new bud opened fresh and young
I saw the new life that Spring had begun
Love touched my heart as the soft Spring air
A gentle breeze whispered of the life we'd share
Spring a time of living never brought a love so true
And I had never lived a day before I met you
You opened my heart and filled my mind
Ours is true love, one hard to find

A full bloomed flower smells sweet and light
Summer makes everything warm and bright
Love made my heart shine as the June sun
A sparkling knowledge that you are the one
All the summer flowers that are in full bloom
Can't reach the heights of my great love for you
All of the sunshine will never come near
To the happiness I feel when you are here

In Autumn the leaves turn to bright fire gold
Everything withers and dies or gets old
The fire in my heart's as the gold of the trees
And Fall brings you in every cool breeze
Our love won't wither as Autumn leaves
Even when we're old, our love won't be
In our hearts we'll forever be young
Just as the Springtime when love was begun

Winter comes softly with frost and snow
White is a blanket wherever we go
Just as a soft blanket, love keeps us both warm
Sheltering us from all of Life's harm
The coldness will never keep us apart
Only the happiness will live in our hearts
If as the Winter we grow old and die
I'll be with you always 'til the next Spring comes by