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A message in a bottle

by Karl Wild GG23

I stand beside the ocean,
So blue and forever wide,
With a message in a bottle,
That I send away with the tide.

I hope it finds someone,
I don't care how long it takes,
The bottles journey has just begun,
And I watch every move it makes.

As it floats out into the sunset,
On the deep blue sea,
In my mind I see a silhouette,
And I know it's you and me.

The bottle will find me love,
No matter how long and far,
Something I've been deprived of,
Because I don't know where you are.

Before you know it you and I,
Will be walking hand in hand,
Underneath the moonlit sky,
On the soggy snow white sand.

My little message in a bottle,
Has finally found me love,
My heart races at full throttle,
You're now the only one I think of.