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Is forever just a word?

by Karl Wild GG23

Is forever just a word?
Because I think it is,
To me that words absurd,
What's hers is never his.

Sure one day you'll fall in love,
But will it last forever?
Or will you lose your precious dove,
A love you thought so clever.

Fooled by seven letters,
If not "love you" then "forever",
I'd believe in forever better,
If it actually meant never.

Because forever never seems,
To end up how we planned,
Ruins our hopes and dreams,
Something I could never understand.

How a word thats so profound,
Can fail us so many times,
Although it never makes a sound,
You'll hear the pain it chimes.

So I don't believe in forever,
Because it's just a word,
Relationships always seem to sever,
Just in case you haven't heard.