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The moment of a true first kiss

by Katelyn

The time together is mere bliss,
with the trembling feeling of your kiss.
You take away my hopes and dreams,
and rip my heart from it's seams.
We dance together under the stars,
our love could fly us to Mars.
When your arms are around me,
It's so warm I never want to be free.
You slowly take your arms from my back,
and brush the hair from my face to be exact.
I tilt my head down with a warm blush,
my heart pounding with a blood heat rush.
You tip my chin up and have that look in your eyes,
I can't wait anymore blue is changing my dark skies.
I feel your hot breath on my cheek,
My eyes closed shut waiting for what I seek.
The moment happens so deep and pure,
we touch together my emotion says yes for sure.
We both let the time linger,
while I curl your soft hair with my finger.
Then it gently breaks our kiss,
He pulls me in and slowly sways my hips.
I set my head on his shoulder listening to the music,
he does the same and softly sings with a click.
I feel so glad I'm not Cinderella with a curfew,
my love for you without worry is so true.
All the hidden fears go away with one whisper saying
"I love you",
For this moment anything I would do.