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Secretly Saved

by StephanieH

A Year Full Of Stress
Pressured On Her Heart
Unable To Breathe
Unable To Start

Shatters The Heart Of A Lonely Girl
Continued Pattern Which Never Ends
Every Breath She Took
Her Heart Continued To Bend

She Struggled through Her Life
Had Done Everything She Could
Never Asked For Anything More
Even When She Should

A Magical Wish She Always Wanted
So Happens, It Can Never Come True
Now That Her Life Is Finished
The Only Reason, Is You

She Was Desprate For A Change
Never Would She Hurt A Fly
Such A Precious Girl
Now, Can Never Ask Why

Never! Would She Hurt Someone
She Didn't Deserve To Die
I Hate To Replay The Past
Back To Her One Final Cry

I Hope She's In A Better Place
God Forgive Every Mistake
Everyone Only Wish
Is For Her To Awake

Lay Down The Last Rose
Upon Her Grave
Every Memory, Never Forgotten
Every Memory Secretly Saved