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My Soldier

by Tasha

I know why you do it:
It's all you've ever known.
I know it's what you love,
But I wish that you'd stay home.

You have another reason:
To leave this town behind...
Not realizing you're leaving
A love I've tried to hide.

I depend on you so much,
I hate that you have to leave.
B.D.U.s and combat boots...
It's who you've grown to be.

You fight for me, you fight for you,
And others who don't care.
I wish that they could see
What you see over there.

I watch the news and shiver,
Hundreds died and more will, too.
A thought crosses my mind...
"What if it was you?"

You'll be a million miles away,
But in my heart I'll hold you closer.
When things go bad and life is hard,
Remember: You're my soldier.

...For My Baby...