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13 Roses

by Karl Wild GG23

That day I saw your beautiful face,
For the first time in my life.
I felt the fire in your sweet embrace,
And knew you'd one day be my wife.

I try so hard to explain to you,
The amount of love I feel,
But could never put my perspective into view,
Because I have far to much love to reveal.

Just know I'll hold your hand,
And always be right by your side,
No matter what our lives demand,
Our strong love, will never subside.

Because together we can make it through,
Whatever is thrown our way,
I know you'll never be untrue,
And forever, in my heart is where you'll stay.

To keep you happy I'll cross the earth,
I'll do whatever it takes,
To me, your what this entire world is worth,
And I'll make sure your heart never breaks.

I'll give you 13 roses,12 real,1 fake,
Then gaze into your big blue eyes,
Tell you I'll love you with every breath I take,
And until that last rose dies.

Love you always and forever babe.