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Ivory Black

by Karl Wild GG23

I fell in love with a girl,
Who's heart was Ivory Black,
My life began to unfurl,
And quickly fell off track.

I realized her love was an illusion,
A far, ever distant mirage,
And I've come to the conclusion,
Her love was a barrage.

A barrage of evil hate,
Sent to saturate my soul,
My heart her pain did desecrate,
But my love's now on parole.

On parole from her evil hold,
Running to never look back,
In search of a heart of Gold,
And not one of Ivory Black.

When I find this Golden love,
One I've searched for, for so long,
My soul will fly free, like a dove,
Into a heart where I belong.

I'll then bury her heart in the ground,
And remove it's evil seeds,
So it can't grow or ever be found,
As forever, Ivory Black it bleeds.