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My Soul Cries Blackened Tears

by Bryan

How long can my heart endure such pain,
Guilt and shame that will forever remain,
Slowly I'm dying from love and I wont be the same,
Same love remains dying from the guilt and the shame.

Trying to survive, but I don't know how long,
I can live without you, I'm trying to be strong,
Sometimes I'm wrong, but one thing is true,
Surviving is wrong, when its without you.

With this final note, my soul dies with fear,
My heart cries from its loss with blackened tears.
You don't know it, but your love is killing me,
But my soul cries for you for an eternity.

I must endure it, even if it means ill die,
My heart and soul will have to live through the goodbyes
And my guilt and shame will soon die too,
So now I can make it, even if it means without you,
My blackened tears will soon turn back clear,
With this final note, there wont be no more tears.

this used to be a paradelle, but it wasn't quite right.

Bryan Hunt c 2006