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One Last Try

by Jacob M Parnell

Here we go again.
Only this time further away.
My feelings still the same.
This time I promise I'll stay.

This time I wont leave.
I wont make that mistake twice.
Please, just believe.
I'm sorry this cant be concise.

I'm sorry for what I did.
But I will make it up to you each day.
If its what I have to do.
I will make everything ok.

You say you don't remember the good times.
That you blocked it all out.
You just remember me leaving.
So now you're consumed with doubt.

Well let me remind you.
Of all the times we shared,
So maybe you will remember.
And understand I do care.

Our first kiss was at Jamey's.
The following day we made it official.
We ate brunch at East West.
The feeling was almost artificial.

Then we had an obstacle.
I was 183 miles away.
But we knew we could subdue it.
That everything would be ok.

We talked from morning till night.
Every single day of the week.
Couldn't wait till we saw each other.
This absence made our love unique.

When we were together,
We never wanted to leave.
No moment was lived in vain.
Neither of us naive.

We knew what our love entailed.
We knew what it took to keep.
And if things ever went sour.
We were never afraid to weep.

We fell asleep on the phone.
We fought over who loved who more.
Neither of us ever felt alone.
Neither of us felt like this before.

You knew I loved you.
You knew my familiar touch.
You knew it was true.
Our love became so much.

It started getting incredibly serious.
We couldn't sleep unless we were on the phone.
We were consumed and delirious.
From a love that became a cyclone.

This was it,
You were my one true love.
The girl I was meant to be with.
My angel from above.

We both know what happened next.
I left for a stupid reason.
Things got complex.
We ended with the season.

Football controlled my life then.
I was too stupid to see what I had.
So I'm back once again.
I wont be like my dad.

I will face the woman I love.
Woman, in reference to you.
I will stand up and be a man.
I promise we will make it threw.

If you think of what we've accomplished.
This almost seems like a simple task.
I promise it will be ok.
I wont hide behind this mask.

I will come to Texas.
Look you in the eyes.
Tell you I love you.
And it may be my demise.

I don't know what I will do.
I don't know how I will act.
It will be hard to see you.
And I don't know how you'll react.

But that doesn't matter now.
All that matters is you.
I'm not afraid to make the same vow.
As long as you know its true.

You've slain my world.
I cant even eat.
My feelings now unfurled.
Now everything concrete.

I cant run from this.
I wont let myself this time.
Even now I long for your kiss.
Even as I write this rhyme.

I could keeping writing forever.
There's so much I could say.
About how our love became an endeavor.
How our feelings went astray.

Just know I love you Jillian.
And without you I would die.
All that I'm asking for.
Is for one last try...