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I'm Good Enough

by BeautifulxMess

In my world before I met you,
everything seemed to be apart.
In my eyes before they saw yours,
it was all unclear to my heart.

When you walked into my heart
something found an unknown life.
When darkness seized my heart,
you've fixed what was black and white.

From a forsaken, misplaced girl;
you braced my life over again.
You suppressed what was gone,
and loved me until the end.

Nothing can mend what you gave
or how you made my dreams vast.
I'll never understand why you love me,
or how you let go of my long past.

The past that lost half of me,
and neglected my tainted love.
The past that challenged me
to let me know: I'm good enough.

Good enough for what you have,
and what you've given to me.
I'm good enough for the love;
Good enough for what I can be

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