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For My Aunt Cindy

by Rachel RTVW

A tortured soul, feels sorrows wrath
You would have never chose this path.
Amidst the grief, your caring heart,
Is one thing that sets you apart.

Amazing mind, advice to share,
When one's in need, you're always there.
You give without asking in return
And for a pain free day, I know you yearn.
Sorry that's not something I can give
But I'll love you all the days I live.

I remember back when I was young,
My birthday song you always sung.
All the years you've never forgot,
You've always called, feeling good or not.

You mean much more than words can say,
Than any poem could ever convey.
Until you meet your angel, in that sacred place,
I know each day your love will bring, a smile to my face.