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First kiss

by Rachel

I the day i told you i loved you
you told me you would rather be just friends
and that you would never fall in love with me
and be together until the end
you broke my heart into pieces
because i knew that i could never have you
i just knew that my feelings would never change
cause i believed in me and you
i thought you felt the same way
and i really hoped you would
having you was the only thing i ever wanted
but i found out i never could
i trusted you with my heart
so my soul would have a guide
although we were like best friends
with you i couldn't hide
the only thing i want is you
to always be there for me
but knowing that you don't want the same thing
no more in us can i believe
but then you told me your secret
and i didn't think it was true
you let out all of your feelings when you said
"i truly do love you"
my wish finally came true
being with you i would no longer would i have to miss
then you came closer to me and leaned over
and gave me my first kiss!