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Two love poems!

by Tim



I've seen the way you look, and stare,
like all you want is me.
But really when you think about it,
do you honestly think we're meant to be?

For a long time, you were all I wanted,
I though you was lovely and sweet.
I dream t of nothing more,
than to sweep you off your feet.

But them times have come and gone,
I am sorry, but you arere too late.
I respect your friendship dearly,
would you not agree us being friends, has got to be fiat?

I want you to stop looking at me,
in that way you do.
You should let us just be friends,
Thats all I want from you.



I shouldn't be in love with you,
we're suppose to be good friends.
But when I start to think of you,
I wish upon it to never end.

I find it hard not to be...
After I felt that electrifying spark,
at the gig, the other night,
when you kissed me in the dark.

When I asked if you still liked me,
in that way you did.
And you said you didn't know
I didn't know, what to do, so I just hid.

For hours on end, I sat in my room,
with the stereo on full blast.
With a pillow in front of my face,
as a sort of mask.

I know I wrote you that poem before,
telling you the opposite of this.
But can't a guy change his mind?
I want another kiss.