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Baby I Love You

by Yulie

Baby I love you,
You know that I do.
With out you my life,
Would be nothing but blue.

When I hear your name,
I just have to smile.
I hope that you feel the same,
Because I have been feeling this for a while.

When we're not together,
My heart stops beating.
Because if we're not together forever, baby,
This life isn't worth living.

When we're kissing,
My heart is racing.
And you know that years from now,
In my heart you'll be staying.

I can just picture us now,
Years from today,
Thinking of how the way we are right now,
Was the way we felt about each other back in the day.

Baby you know I love you,
And I know that you do too.
When we are together,
You just make everything cute.

I love your laugh, your smile, your everything.
Without you, my smile would be over quick.

You've known for so long that I've been feeling you,
But guess what baby?
...I love you.