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Remains Untitled

by Tom Swart

It is in knowing you that makes these thoughts
appear, for my heart speaks of you often and here
are its words;

You are the morning with a gentle rain that
brings life to a dawning world. It is you that
causes the birds to open their hearts and breath
their songs of love to this morning air.

You are the meadow of my thoughts, with flowers
reflecting your light into the day through the tear
drops of the night that rest upon the peddles of
its tender flock.

You are the afternoon that has savored this
mornings dew and has enriched its trees with
fuller leaves to provide shade and shelter for a
lovers nest.

You are the gentle breeze of the day
that gives avenue for the soaring birds and a
frame for the clouds in the sky.

You are the beautiful sunset at even tide which
gives birth to a lovers night. You are the shadows
which blanket the days heat and cools the earths

You are the moon rising on a crystal clear
night casting its light upon the brook that will
wake it so it may sing its own melody to the

You are the cool wind that cries throughout the
night roaming the darkness awaiting for the

You are in the dreams of my slumber as this
Zephyr rustles the trees and sweeps the air clean
for a new day. A new day to bring me thoughts and
hopes that you may continue to fill this
loving heart.