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Radio Talk

by Jenni

My entire body aches in pain
It won't go away, what is here to gain?
My heart is torn completely in two
but my mind keeps telling me what to do.
there are dark circles beneath my eyes
your mental image keeps them wide.

So I am convinced that every song
is telling me where I want to belong
The radio plays the heartbreaking tune
that makes me keep dreaming about you.

I can't fall asleep at night
because of this constant mental fight.
My stomach is in knots; heart is pounding
I know it must be silly sounding.
Can't you please see me from the inside
all these emotions don't want to hide.

So I am convinced that every song
has told my life story all along.
The radio plays the tear jerking tune
that makes me keep thinking about you.

I can't get you out of my head
and all those petty things that you said.
Can't stop thinking about that smile
I've been entranced for quite a while.
I keep thinking that this must be true,
how much I'm dying to be with you.

So radio, radio could you play me a song?
I want one that's not too long.
Tell me a song that is true
play me something that says, "I love you."