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The Broken Promise*

by nestea

My heart broke to peaces,
it was dry in my throat
When you sailed away on your little boat

You promised that you would come back to me
and everyday i would wait by the sea
I was waiting for you far to long
and than understood something was wrong

I walk to the sea
and think once more
if your not here
than what am i for?

I watched the twilight and then the sunrise
And thought of you and your charming blue eyes

If your not back after all thees years
and god is sick of all my prayers
Than there is no point for me to go on
because my love is forever gone

so now I'm asleep and Finlay free
knowing that you came back for me
but its now to late to rescue me
because I'm berried under the sea

i had no more patients
and did what iv dun
iv drowned myself under the sun

your dying inside because your to late
without ever knowing this would be our fate

your standing alone on the golden sand
knowing that this was our favorite land
were we watched the sunset every day
until you had to sail away

your standing and thinking of our last kiss
I'm so sorry mu love for doing this.

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