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The One You Forgot

by *Charisma*

A simple word can break my soul
Rip me in half, no longer whole.
I'm shaking at the very thought
Of being the one you forgot.

You're everything in life to me
The reason why I want to breathe
I smile just when I think of you
And all those things you say and do.

Yet, if you don't feel the same
No one can we really blame.
It's just the way life sometimes goes
You can't escape all of its blows.

But I wish this once to be free
Of the hope we'd never be.
That's something I don't want to face.
Don't want to feel so out of place.

I've planned everything around us
Now it may not be enough.
Threads are barely holding on
And your words can break their bond.

Or you can make them tighter still
Renew my strength and my will.
Keep me believing love is real
If you return the way I feel

Please don't hurt me, but if you do
Make it gentle. Help me through.
I love you and fear that time
Will cost me my peace of mind.

I pray I didn't wait too long
To let you know my love is strong.
And without you it's merely waste
Once so sweet, now bitter taste.

So I don't know what your words will be
But I pray they are kind to me.
I hope they are filled with love
That I'm the one you're thinking of.

But I'm shaking at the very thought
Of being the one you forgot.

PLEASE RRC! I will do the same!