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The Life of a Valentine

by Twisted Heart

I made a special valentine
I cut and glued with care
I painted little hearts upon
The page with such a flair.

A special little valentine
For my one true love
A heart to show the feelings
That I was thinking of.

I signed it in the middle
"your secret love" is what it said
And added just a bit of glitter
To the heart painted rosy red.

Today I placed it on his desk
And quickly ran to hide
Waiting for the very moment
When the Valentine, he spied.

He picked it up and read the words
Then folded it with care
And placed it in his pocket
Only he knew it was there.

All day long he looked around
In hopes that he could find
The special little girl who sent
This heart-shaped valentine.

The school day went by so fast
I didn't have the time
To tell my secret one true love
In truth, that It was I.

I was running to the school bus
When on the ground I saw
A heart-shaped piece of paper
With glitter, fold and all.

I bent to pick it up but then
Two hands were there instead
Reaching for the folded heart
That was painted rosy red.

Our eyes met as we stood up
Each holding half a heart
A smile of recognition
For a love that wouldn't part.

He dropped the piece of paper
And reached his hand to mine
He took the tattered pieces
Of my heart-shaped valentine.

He folded it with tenderness
And placed it with such care
In the pocket of his shirt
Next to his heart it was there.

Then he took my hand in his
Our hearts thumped, his and mine
All because I made for him
A special valentine.