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Gentle Sleep

by Richard S

Gentle Sleep

Heavy lids flutter and close.
Small sighs and murmurs.
Soft skin brushes mine,
As you roll onto your side.

Golden hair frames an angelic face,
Peaceful and content.
Ample breasts rise and fall,
As you reach out for me in your sleep.

Our toes touch,
And our fingers find each other.
Your steady breathing keeps beat with my heart.
We melt into one.

Two spoons in a drawer,
Closer could not be.
Nor could be as content,
With its perfect fitting partner.

Gentle dreams,
And subtle snores,
Join us like umbilicals,
Feeding each other.

And morning comes,
And eyes open and meet again.
And the caress is rediscovered,
As it lingers past our gentle sleep.