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Loving You

by Doug

Searching for love,
To have someone in my heart.
I fell in love with you,
And never want to part.

The late night conversations,
Our tears that have been shed.
The feelings we couldn't keep hidden,
The words that have been said.

Loving you is a heavenly dream,
One that cannot be true.
But maybe things are as they seem,
And it's just about me and you.

The feelings seem so surreal,
Yet, my undying love remains.
I'll never leave you my love,
Through all the hard times and the pains.

You leave me now to discover yourself.
I'll wait for your return.
One day you'll come back to me,
And no more, shall I yearn.

Yearning for all your love,
And yearning for all your heart.
No matter what happens,
We'll never be apart.

It's time for me to quit being blind.
If it's meant to be, it will be.
Love shall not be hard to find,
If it's just about you and me.

And if that day shall arrive,
The two of us will start anew.
And our love again will thrive,
Within the souls of us two.

Finally, as the sun sets in the west,
We'll walk along the sand.
For the two of us are truly blest.
Together in eternal happiness, walking, hand in hand.