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Sweetest Sacrifice

by BeautifulxMess

Walking in the moonlit night with you.
Gazing into your precious freckled face.
It's a breathtaking feeling being your love.
A subliminal feeling that you can't replace.

I can feel the warmth you have in your arms.
I can see your love unfold in your green eyes.
I can touch the lust you feel in your hand.
And with you I keep my wings in the open skies.

Our love is real and a first-time innocence.
But something that can't vanish into air.
We have something that stays forever.
Something that will always be there.

Holding your hand into the graceful night.
It feels like a dream being in your heart.
I know that you'll never disown me for anything.
I'll sacrifice all I have for you to never fall apart.

For you are the sweetest sacrifice I have.
If you were to leave, but I would have to live.
I'll give up anything to keep you with me.
I'd give my life to you, because it's all I have to give.