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Sexual Dream

by Ken

It started out as nothing
then turned in to more
I found myself wanting you
as I make my way to your house

I feel my self wanting you more
getting close to your door
I can almost feel you
breathes get shorter as you open the door

Looking deep into your eyes
with no words began kissing you
kissing you from head to toe
taking off your clothes slowly

kissing on your neck I move lower
lower untill I hit the spot
I hear you breathing heavy
so I push my togue deeper

I can tell you like it as you try not to grab my head
hearing soft sighs coming from you
as I make my way back up
as I enter you slowly you hold me tight

I start off slow pushing deeper and deeper
it's getting hotter as sweat rolls down you
it's time to change positions
picking you up placing you against the wall

Holding your legs in my arms
your arms around my neck
I hit it faster and harder
you cant help but moan

We take this to the bath room
turn on wam shower water
still going strong kissing everywhere
everywhere the water hits

I hit harder you feel your self cuming
I slow up you take deep breathe
water still running down your body
as I'am kissing you slowly