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Did you know

by Niki

Baby do you know what you do to me?
did you know your kiss is like a fantasy?
your eyes focused so strong on mine
brings me to a world divine
Did you know the way you smile
makes my life worthwhile
Do you have any idea how incredible you are
do you know how many times I had to wish upon as star
to finally get the man of my dreams
took a million years it seems
but here you are holding me in your arms
keeping me safe from all possible harm
you rid me of all my fears
you are there to dry all my tears
Did you know your all I could ever have hoped for
and you just keep bringing me so much more
A day apart is far too long
because with you is where I belong
and I never want to go another day
without your love, promise me you will stay
Darling did you know my world is in your hands
did you know I never want any other man
You have that way of putting a smile on my face
when I'm sad, I am happy in your embrace
Baby did you know I cant get you out of my mind
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime
I can see a future with you
thinking that way, is it too soon?
baby you are so incredible
nothing but exceptional
and I want to love you forever
a life with you would be the ultimate endeavor
waking up every morning to your kiss
sends me into an everlasting bliss
baby did you know that your gentle touch
shows me you love me so much
did you know words couldn't truly describe
all the love that I feel inside