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Kiss of conclusion

by kiara

So here we are once again
Ex lovers in the time of pain
One heart is trying to get back with its lost half
While you run your hand up and down my calf
Slowly moving your body closer
Not knowing that to me your just a poser
For you have no place among my heart
You lost it when I finally decided to depart
Your presence and your love
Your too close now not enough room to give you a shove
I take my last gasp of air
Whilst I scream in my brain a silent prayer
An explosion of confused feelings lies upon my lips
As you move your hands along my hips
Forcing myself to do the same
I realize that I am playing the same game
Posing for your heart
Pretending that I wished our lips could never be apart
Searching for arrows of ways to stop him
And tell him that his chances are grim
Old lovers hearts usually change
Like the wind wondering upon the open range
So hopefully this will be the first and last kiss
For upon these lips, love no longer exists