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I'm Sorry I fell in Love with You

by Tian Tian

I don't know how to tell you i love you
but yes its true

when i look into your beautiful eyes
i know there will never be lies

when I sleep at night
i secretly want to hold you tight

your so cute when you sleep
your the one i definitely want to keep

i know i wasn't supposed to care
or wish that you were there

I'm not supposed to know what you do
but I'm sorry i fell in love with you

I'll try my best to forget you
and keep in my mind i don't belong to you

I'm sorry if I'm so frank with you
but i don't know what else to do

i don't want my past to happen again
so i must prevent from falling so sudden

as soon as you read this letter
i know it will soon be over

but you showed me feelings that were so true
I'm sorry i fell in love with you...