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It Took Forever To Get Over You

by Goran Rahim

Innocently I fell for you,
Told you how my heart felt.
Purposely you hurt me,
Loving to see my eyes wet.

In my heart's universe,
You were the only god.
Worshiping you every moment,
While you were hurting me bad.

Many flowers were around my garden,
Yet the heart never changed faith.
Turning your each word into a poem,
Yet in your eyes there were just hate.

Many hopes faded away,
I embraced a false hope.
Just to find a reason,
For the heart beats not to stop.

I was a caged bird,
From the moment I saw you.
Today I am freeing that bird,
It took forever to get over you.

Yet no one can love you that much,
You will not get that love again.
You were the biggest mistake of my life,
Loving you was asking for pain.

I made you a piece of diamond in my poems,
That just made you more cruel.
Taking advantage of my love,
You made me look like a fool.

You didn't deserve the love,
I am glad, the heart changed faith.
You are just a selfish person,
Someday you will know while it is too late.

It took forever to get over you,
Yet the sooner the better.
Trust me you are just a common person,
Who lost the brightest destiny ever.

It took forever to get over you,
Loving you was the biggest mistake.
And my words, my tears, and my feelings too,
As everything about you was fake.