Read Love Poems


by Zubayer Zakir Khan

If angels had no wings
If dolphins couldn't cry
If God never existed
We would never question why

If the world was a dream
If you could hear a mute scream
If you were to live forever...never asked to leave
Wouldn't all this be too hard to believe?

If the sea was full of love
If there was no sky above
If the sea contained love with no lovers left there
Would you still believe in love... would you still care?

If money never existed...if there was no division of land
If you had everything and you have nothing more to demand
If you could travel to the moon and count the stars
After all this would there still be wars?

If a blind man could see
If you could talk to a honey bee
If the bee told you it loves honey
Would everyone be honest and say they all want money?

If all these things were true
If the world changed including me and you
Let everything change... let it all come true
One thing won't change and that's my love for you