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If You Love Her, Let Her Go

by Darien

If You Love Her, Let Her Go

Slowly the sense of loss sinks in
Deep within my veins and my heart
I would pour my love out for her
Yet here we are, broken and hurt

In my heart her memory will stay
And I will never forget our love
Even when I've cried my last tear
I will never forget what we were

Time may never heal these wounds
Even when new love has made way
She will never come back to me
And hope is all that I have left

My life has changed unwillingly
My present, my future all gone
But she is not the one to blame
She already gave my life meaning

Maybe one day we will meet again
And remember the days we shared
We will be living our own life
Alone, married, no one will know

I hope she can find happiness
The one she lost along the way
She will find someone deserving
Of the love she once had for me