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Things Unsaid

by Krzysztof J

Its time to tell the truth,
I can not hide no more,
Its time to be honest,
And face the world once more.

I chose to hide somethings,
For that I can not lie,
I had to hide these things,
Until the time was right.

I hope you do not hate me,
For what I'm gonna say,
I hope you still care.
And your feelings they will stay.

I said i didn't care,
Girl thats so untrue,
I've never stopped loving you,
And forever I will too.

People said a lot of things,
Stuff that was untrue,
I held it all inside,
I couldn't hurt you too.

I've bottled it all inside me,
This destroyed my heart,
I hope you do not hate me,
That I didn't let it out.

Theres so many things they said,
That i couldn't say to you,
I kept it all inside me,
To try to protect you.

I care about you deeply,
More then you will ever know,
I won't be alive anymore,
If ever you shall go.

You may not see it clear,
Or think that this is true,
But your the ray of sunshine,
That always gets me thru.

I love you more then I can say,
Each day I love you more,
I don't know what it is,
But with you it feels like home.

I've never believed their petty lies,
I have my trust in you,
You were always honest,
That is why I love you.

I hope you do forgive me,
For these things I hide inside,
But its better that I suffer,
Then you cry more each night.