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First Love, Last Love

by *Charisma*

First love

It's the way you came along
And swept me off my feet
How you stole this heart away
But it's yours to keep

Unexpected smiles coming
From the middle of nowhere
Happiness stays with me
Even though your not here

I laugh because of joy
Building up within my soul
I try to settle it down
But I'm far beyond control

Little letters from you
Read to keep my soul content
Daydreaming sweet things
From all this time we've spent

Knowing that my heart
Isn't misguided by my mind
And that I have a love
Ever so hard to find

Yet, I fell upon it quickly
Much sooner than I'd planned
But I wouldn't let it go
No matter the demand

It's mine and yours to cherish
Forever ours to grow
And with such tender care
Blossoms always show

It's like a pretty flower
That blooms all year round
If it had listened to the seasons
It would never be found

And so our love is similar
No time can make it wilt
It's first love, and last love
Forever we've been dealt