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Heavenly kiss

by ben thompson

Shattered lives, broken dreams, a tiny blackened cloud
Covering up all my hopes, death masked in a shroud

Inward I retreat from nightmares, to escape the horrid pain
Everything always going wrong, drenched in pouring rain

Memories on my tortured mind, your picture in my hand
Imagining us together my love, in far off romantic lands

Oh how beautiful I know all of our dreams would be
Then I realize you're really gone taken away from me

This cursed black cloud filled of sadness and despair,
it follows me through endless days nothing but a glare

Trying to block all memories I have of me and you
Unsuccessful its attempts, never could I forget you

Your glorious spirit shines bright even after death
So brightly does it shine its like you never left

Only you illuminate me through the deepest of nights
My beacon to find across the stars, when my time is right

So wait for me my darling, my one and only love
Save for me a heavenly kiss when I get up above