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Me, Jealous! - pshh -

by Never URs

My best friend and I,
we love the same guy.
But he flirts with her,
and she does back.
They're perfect for eachother,
and it's not hard to crack.
Everyone knows it,
and they talk about their love.
About one to another,
but I've had enough.

They do not forget,
about me alone.
They count me in,
my blessings have shown.
But it's partly my fault,
how nobody knows.
Who I'm thinking about,
when I don't show.

Atleast I get a "Hey",
every once in a while.
From the guy that doesn't love me,
but loves the queen of the nile.
She's beautiful,
and I'm not.
She's blonde and cute,
while I'm just blunt.

It kills my heart to see them,
together all the time.
I'm happy for them,
but my one wish,
Is that I could call him mine.